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Carol Rodriguez proudly offers patients both the popular FUE and FUT (strip) methods at her various clinics.

When considering hair transplant surgery, you will usually hear of two different types of procedures – FUE and FUT (strip). Having a free consultation so we can examine your current hair loss and understand your desired results will help determine which method, FUE or FUT, is right for you.

FUE is the most recently developed hair restoration procedure that does not involve any incisions, sutures, or scalpel, unlike the linear FUT (strip method) still used by most doctors today. FUE is the removal of individual hair follicles in their naturally occurring groups (usually 1-4 hairs). The follicles are then transplanted back into the patient’s balding areas such as the crown and temples. FUE requires extremely precise hand-eye coordination and is generally a more labor intensive procedure compared to the FUT (strip) method.

FUT (the strip method) consists of a removal of a layer of skin in a linear form from the back of the head (your “donor area”). The strip is then taken and excised into individual mini grafts which are then transplanted into balding areas.

Both FUE and FUT (Strip Excision) procedures have advantages and disadvantages. FUT has been around longer, and is generally a more familiar procedure in the hair restoration world, but FUE has been gaining popularity in recent years. Patients who choose FUE over FUT tend do so because a less invasive scar is left after surgery and there is less risk of post-surgery complications (although complications in general are rare and hair restoration surgery is considered a minor cosmetic surgery). Patients who choose FUT over FUE generally do so because it is more economical and it also allows the patient to transplant a larger number of grafts in a single session.

Which method is right for you, FUT or FUE? Contact Carol today and be confident in knowing that her 20+ years in the hair restoration industry will help guide you through every step of bringing back that youthful look!

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Choosing the right surgeon or specialist is the single most important factor you can make when choosing to have a hair transplant. Let Carol's 20+ years of experience get you on your way to looking and feeling great again.