5 Facts about “Shock Loss” after a Hair Transplant

hair-lineDon’t let the name scare you, “shock loss” is a common occurrence that happens after a hair transplant. In a nut shell, it involves hairs falling out a few weeks after your surgery. While this can be initially frightening (“did my hair transplant go wrong?!) it is important for patients to know that it’s a normal phase on your journey to getting your hair back. Let’s look at some facts:

1. Shock loss occurs when the patient’s native hair is weak and isn’t strong enough to resist the trauma (surgery) that’s going on around it. In most cases, the hair lost during shock loss will grow back after a few months.

2. Any hair that goes into shock and doesn’t return is hair that was destined to fall out anyway.

3. Increased trauma will increase the chances of shock loss so it’s very important to follow all post-op protocol as recommended by your specialist. Take it easy after surgery – avoid bumping your head, avoid direct sunlight on your scalp.

4. Shock loss is unpredictable and there isn’t anything that patients or specialists can do to lighten the risk.

5. Shock loss tends to occur both in the recipient and in the donor areas. It’s a normal response to trauma to the scalp.

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