Insecure about your hair loss?

For some people, hair loss is based on genetics. For others it's caused by stress. Regardless of your situation, you're not alone. See why millions of men (and women too) around the world are undergoing the only permanent and proven method to hair restoration with hair transplant surgery.

In the hair restoration industry since 1992, Carol has restored confidence in thousands of men and women across the globe. She treats each and every procedure as a work of art - carefully crafting your hairline or filling in your crown to give a natural look using the latest techniques in the industry.

When performed by a skilled surgeon or specialist, a hair transplant can be virtually undetectable after proper healing time. But don't take our word for it - ask to speak to our patients or view our before/after photos. We want our patients informed, educated, and confident in their choice of having us bring back that youthful look.

Contact Carol Rodriguez today for a free, no-pressure consultation. Consultations are done discreetly and can be scheduled at one of our clinics, or even over the phone or through email.

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    5 Facts about “Shock Loss” after a Hair Transplant
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Common Questions

Why is my hair falling out?

The most common question we receive is “why am I losing my hair?” Sometimes it’s genetic, and sometimes it’s caused by stress. Some people starting losing their hair much earlier than others.

Will medication help?

Unfortunately most popular hair loss medications, including Rogaine, do not offer hair loss sufferers long term results, or in many cases, even temporary results. A hair transplant is the only permanent solution.

Will results look natural?

Choosing a qualified hair transplant specialist or surgeon is the single most important factor you will make when deciding to undergo a hair transplant. The best in the industry will provide natural looking results.

Can I afford a transplant?

Another popular question we commonly receive is “how much does a hair transplant cost?” Hair Transplants can be very cost effective when considering the results last a lifetime.

Patient's Speak Out!

Why take our word for it?
Listen to our patients:

"...needless to say, the self esteem boost I received from Carol's work has been incredible. I owe a great bit of gratitude to her for what she has done to improve my life and my appearance..."

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Choosing the right surgeon or specialist is the single most important factor you can make when choosing to have a hair transplant. Let Carol's 20+ years of experience get you on your way to looking and feeling great again.